LiFeBlue Battery is smart...VERY SMART. Each LiFeBlue battery has a wireless Bluetooth® BLE transmitter that let's you communicate with the Battery Management System (BMS) using our free software called Smart Connect. For LiFeBlue Battery owners, it's a simple software download for your compatible IOS or Android phone or tablet. The BMS in each LiFeBlue Battery protects against many conditions and will communicate through Bluetooth® any fault or event.

With SMART CONNECT you can check the battery capacity or State of Charge (SoC), voltage, temperature, charge or discharge current simply by opening the application on your compatible smart phone or tablet. No internet connection is required. This feature can save you hundreds of dollars as it replaces the need for a separate battery monitor like the Trimetric, Magnum BMK or Blue Sky Energy IPN Pro remote or others.

SMART CONNECT will even keep track of how many cycles your battery has experienced. Each time you remove and replace a total of 80% of the batteries stored energy, 1 cycle is added to the count.

Other Li-ion battery makers claim to be "smart". If their battery turns off, you are left in the dark...literally! Not really so smart, are they?

By choosing LiFeBlue, you are choosing the Real Smart Battery!