We want you to know about us and what kind of company you are doing business with. One way to know us better is for us to share our beliefs and goals. We also want to explain why we believe our battery is the best.

Our philosophy is keep things simple, offer value, serve our customer like we would want to be served. Yes, that last one is known as the Golden Rule. Anyone can say it but isn’t it great when you experience it from a company? We believe it and live it.

Our goal is to provide a great battery solution with features you need for a good price. After seeing what is available in the market for drop in Li-ion batteries, we realized there was a need for lower cost, better technology and intelligent design. So, what did we do and how did we do it?

Learn about Us and why we believe LiFeBlue is the best choice for your Li-ion battery project.

First of all, we partnered with the an industry leader in high tech lithium ion battery manufacturing, Shenzhen Topband New Energy Company, Ltd. They have many years of li-ion manufacturing experience and it has taken them to the top of the market. Good first step...no need to reinvent the wheel. Next, we chose to add features that every lithium battery should have. First, a way to communicate with your battery seemed obvious to us but was not being done. Let me explain how important this really is.

All drop in lithium ion batteries have a BMS or Battery Management System. That’s good. But here’s the problem with all other batteries: if the BMS turns off your battery to protect it, how will you know what has happened? What are you supposed to do? You will be in the dark, literally! How we fixed that is to have a proprietary Bluetooth® Battery Monitoring System that talks to the BMS. Add some software for your mobile device and voilà...we call it Smart Connect.

Our Smart Connect app is available to download on the app store, and it’s free. When you open the app, you can instantly check on your battery status, mode, health and more. It will even tell you how many cycles the battery has experienced since it was new. So, if our battery turns off to protect itself, in seconds you will know why and what to do to correct the problem. This is no small thing. You need this information. Smart Connect kind of makes all other batteries "not so smart".

Since we already have the BMS and Smart Connect, why not offer more crucial information that you need...like the battery capacity. Well, we did that too. Our Smart Connect app will also show you exactly how much energy is remaining in your battery. It’s a capacity meter that shows the State of Charge (SoC) any time you need to know.

SoC is very important with any lithium battery system. The reason is that voltage changes very little as the battery discharges. Unlike lead acid batteries where voltage can give you a rough idea of capacity, lithium won’t. A nearly dead lithium battery will display about 13 volts. A fully charged battery only about 13.4. So, without a capacity meter, your battery could shut off from low voltage because you don’t know how much energy is left in the battery. Another important and smart feature that comes with our battery.

You can buy a brand X battery monitor for your lithium batteries. They cost between $400 and $1000 installed. But, they will tell you the SoC but they can't tell you anything about what is happening inside the battery.

Look at some of our other unique features. If one of our batteries every fails, we can open the battery, repair it and put it right back into service again. Do other manufacturers offer this service? Not that we have found. What this means to you is you have a battery that can go on providing power for many more years than others. This is called value.

I think you are getting a good idea of who we are and what our goals are by bringing LiFeBlue to the US market. With all the pretense abounding on websites, our goal is to present the truth with simplicity. You will find that our website mirrors our philosophy, it is simple and to the point. No banners, ads or pop-up boxes. We offer 5 battery models that can be combined to make the size you need. Our Parallel versions are for 12 volts only. Our Series version is for making 12, 24, 36 or 48 volts for golf carts or off grid energy storage.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us. If you have any questions, just text, email or call us. If you like the banner photo, come visit the Bitterroot Valley in Montana. Our phone number is 920-LiFePO4 or 920-543-3764. Cool number:-)