LiFeBlue Battery has the highest respect for the privacy of people. Our belief is that no one has the right to information about you that you have supplied to us in the course of business. Therefore, all information that we possess about you will be kept completely private. No information will be used for any marketing or purpose other than that of the business between you and LiFeBlue Battery.

Here’s a quote from Supreme Court Justice Brandeis' dissent on the subject of privacy in Olmstead v. U. S. (1928). We believe this is foundational to every persons God given rights:

"The makers of our Constitution understood the need to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness, and the protections guaranteed by this are much broader in scope, and include the right to life and an inviolate personality -- the right to be left alone -- the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men. The principle underlying the Fourth and Fifth Amendments is protection against invasions of the sanctities of a man's home and privacies of life. This is a recognition of the significance of man's spiritual nature, his feelings, and his intellect." (emphasis was added)