All batteries have limitations and it is important to understand how to choose the right battery for your application.

Each data sheet lists conditions like temperature, voltage and current. Please make sure you read and understand these parameters before purchase.

Number Of Batteries

All LiFeBlue batteries have a maximum output of 100 Amps of discharge current continuously (except our 75AH which is 75A). Each battery also has an 80 amp charge limit (40A for 75AH). If you go over the battery maximum current while charging or discharging, the EMS will protect the battery by turning it off. Once you correct the error, the battery will turn back on.

By placing the batteries in parallel, you will increase the total current that can be used. (see diagrm below) For example, if you need to discharge at 225 amps, it will take 3 batteries in parallel because we need to round up to the next whole number.

Calculating Battery Amperage

To help you choose the right number of batteries to use, you will need to know how much current (amperage) you will use. This means the total current used at any one moment.

This is how to calculate how much DC or battery current you will use. Take the Wattage of an item and divide it by your battery voltage. Since LiFeBlue batteries operate at a higher voltage than other batteries, lets use 13 volts for calculating. Example: a microwave oven that uses 1500 Watts. Divide 1500W by 13V and you get 115 Amps. But, that power is running through an inverter so we must add the losses of conversion from battery power to 120 volt AC power. We will add about 15% to our number number to account for those losses. 115 amps + 15% = 132 amps. Since each battery can only output 100 amps, you must have at least 2 batteries in parallel. Important: You must add up all loads that you want to run at the same time to calculate how many parallel batteries you will need.

Battery Size

Now that you know how many batteries you need, choose the size battery bank that you want. Divide the bank size by the number of required batteries to know which battery size to purchase.

For example, you want to have 400AH of battery storage and you need 2 batteries in parallel, 400/2 = 200. You can buy 2 of the 200AH batteries for your application. If you want a 600AH bank and need 2 batteries, choose our 300AH model. The maximum number of batteries in parallel is 4. If you need more capacity, choose a larger size.

Need Help?

We know this is not easily understood. If you need assistance in calculating which batteries to buy, please contact us. We are always glad to help you.

How To Choose Your LiFeBlue Battery

100 Amp Continuous Output

80 Amp Charge

200 Amp Continuous Output

160 Amp Charge

300 Amp Continuous Output

240 Amp Charge

400 Amp Continuous Output

320 Amp charge

Batteries in parallel increase current capability.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not use LiFeBlue battery with the Magnum Energy MSH3012M or MSH4024M. They have a design issue that allows extreme high current when connected or turned on that can damage the battery. All other Magnum Energy models are compatible.