Do I need a special battery charger?
No. LiFeBlue Batery BMS is unique. It is designed to be fully charged with any kind of charger that can provide from 13.6 Volts up to 15 Volts. Higher voltage will charge faster. You can use any current up to the specified maximum. It is important to regularly raise the voltage above 14.2V so the SoC meter is recalibrated.
Can I use my alternator to charge the battery?
Yes, using your alternator is one of the best charge sources for battery charging. Our BMS will begin charging with voltage as low as 13.6 Volts. With proper wire size, no DC converter or special regulator is needed! While driving, you can choose when the alternator is charging by using a solenoid and switch. One great advantage of alternator charging is when combined with an inverter, it can take the place of a fuel generator saving many hundreds of dollars, extra weight and wasted space. You can request a wiring diagram showing our recommended method to connect your alternator.
Can I use Solar Power to charge LiFeBlue Battery?
Yes, a PV solar power system is a great way to charge. All PV solar controllers work with LiFeBlue Battery. Do not use temperature compensation for charging.
What size and how many batteries should I buy?
All li-ion batteries have current limits imposed by the BMS. You must not exceed the specified current or the battery will turn off in protection mode. By placing batteries in parallel, you increase current ability. You must also consider battery capacity so you don’t run out of energy before your next charge period. This done by buying larger capacity batteries or adding more batteries in parallel.
How long will my battery last?
LiFeBlue Battery has been tested to have the best cycle life of any drop in battery. It can can easily last for several thousand cycles depending on use and care. Keeping the battery cool will provide the longest life. Also, less energy removed before recharging will increase cycle life. This is true with all battery chemistries.
Can I use LiFeBlue Battery to start my generator or engine?
YES! LiFeBlue Battery is designed for deep cycle use. However, our new models have a special BMS to allow high current to pass and start any generator. It can also assist with main engine starting by using your boost button.

Frequently Asked Questions

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